Workout Of the Week: Circuit Blaster


Add an extra dimension to your workout routine and give this circuit a go….

Equipment Required:

Skipping Rope

Warm Up and Flexibility:
Toe touch to over head squat: 10
Skipping: 2 min’s.
Jumping Jacks: 20
High Knees Sprint: 20 Seconds
Lateral Lunge: 10 each
Hip Bridge: 20 seconds

Main Circuit –
Complete a minimum of 3 sets. 20 reps per exercise.
Rest for 30 secs – 1 min between sets.

B.W Squats
Ski Jumpers
B.W Lunge Jumps
Reverse Crunch
Box Jumps
Mountain Climbers
B.W Squat Jumps

If you are using this as a finisher and you are appropriately warmed up there is no need to complete the warm up.
Depending on your fitness levels you may be able to do more or less repetitions so adjust accordingly! Always challenge yourself so if 20 reps is too easy increase it and, if its too hard decrease the reps in the first set and aim to hit that 20 mark and increase it over time!

All you will need is a skipping rope so It can be done anywhere, and if you don’t have a skipping rope just substitute skipping with a light jog….no excuses!

You can use this workout as a finisher to your regular workout to add that extra bit of intensity or you can increase the amount of reps and sets to make it a great workout in itself.

Give it a shot and let us know how you got on…


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