Workout Of the Week: Body Weight Challenge

Want to change up your workout?? 

Try this body weight circuit and challenge your body!

If your bored your body most probably is too and the great results you saw when you began your program have now probably plateaued!

Give this Body weight Circuit a go and shock your body into something new!

This high intensity workout will kick start your metabolism and keep it rev’d up all day!

Follow this program and repeat for 2-3 circuits.
Do each exercise with good form as quick as you can without rest, if possible.
After each circuit take 1-2 mins rest and repeat the circuit again.

30 jumping jacks
8 Push-ups
25 High knees
6 Burpees
10 Crunches
10 Body Weight Squats
5 Push-ups
10 Crunches
5 Push-ups
7 Squats
30 Jumping Jacks
1 Min Wall Sits
5 Push-ups
25 High Knees

Repeat 2 – 3 times for best results.

For an extra challenge start the clock as soon as you begin the circuit and end it as soon as you finish the last exercise. Record your time and try beat it the next time.

As you progress add a set to get that extra burn!

Click here to print or save the Body weight circuit

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Bernard Smyth
Personal Trainer

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4 comments on “Workout Of the Week: Body Weight Challenge
  1. louise says:

    Just wondering what a burpee is ? tks Louise

  2. Bernard says:

    Hi Louise,
    A burpee is a whole body exercise that utilises nearly all the muscles in the body to complete which makes it one of the best body weight exercises to complete!

    To complete a burpee,
    1) From a standing position drop your hands to the floor
    2) Then kick your legs back so your in a pushup position,
    3) Return your legs to the starting point as quick as possible
    4) From this position jump as high as you can
    5) Repeat

    I have also added the burpee to the basic movements page with an image to give you an idea what it looks like.

    Let me know how the circuit goes!


  3. Saoirse says:

    Super circuit, I was late for spinning this morning so did this 3 times and felt as if I had done 2 spin classes by the end of it!!
    Thanks a mill;)

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