Think your Chinese meal is ok as a treat??

Here’s something to think about over the weekend.

Reading through a few articles this week I came across one that was on the front line of most media headlines a few years ago.  But eaten bread is soon forgotten as they say! The article in question was about the amount of calories in one Chinese meal.
In case you missed it, here are a few findings from the article researched and published by Safe food.

  •  A typical Chinese takeaway meal has enough food for 2 people.
  • A portion of spring rolls has 351 calories and 19gs of fat.
  • The average portion of prawn crackers contains 608 calories and 39, yes 39g’s of fat…thats 351cals
  • A portion of egg fried rice is big enough for 2 and contain’s 727 calories, thats more than a third of an average persons intake.
  • A portion of sweet and sour chicken has a whopping 1106 calories per serving and nearly 60% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of fat.
  • One serving of beef curry has close to 120% of your RDA of salt.
As you consider all those figures individually and try get your head around it, now think that when you order a Chinese you usually order most of them together.
So for example you order,
  • A portion of spring rolls. (351 Calories)
  • Sweet and sour chicken (1106 Calories)
  • A portion of egg fried rice (727 Calories)
  • And as an added bonus they throw in the prawn crackers for free. (608 Calories)
You’ve just consumed 2792 Calories!!!! Given that the average persons DAILY calorie intake is 2000 to 2500 calories that means that you have just consumed your whole days intake in one meal. Not to mention that you have also consumed 120g’s of fat alone, that’s 1080 calories of pure fat.
So next time your in the gym busting your gut and wondering why your not seeing results quick enough, think back at what you ate last week and the amount of calories that were in that ONE meal you ate.
For the full published SafeFood report click here



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