Salmon with sweet potato fries and spinach

Salmon with sweet potato fries and spinach

Serves: 1

Total Cals: 450


  1. Salmon Darne (average size 130g)
  2. Honey 5g
  3. Wholegrain mustard 5g
  4. Sweet potato 150g
  5. Coconut Oil 7g (teaspoon)
  6. Spinach 150g

Cooking Method:

1)      Peel and cut the sweet potato into wedges. Place foil on an oven tin, brush with tiny bit of oil and put sweet potato fries on the tin. Sprinkle with some sea salt(add some chili flakes too if you llike some spice!). Place in a pre-heated fan assisted oven at 180c for 25mins.

2)      While sweet potato is cooking get your salmon darn and place it in a baking dish covered in foil. Brush 5g of wholegrain mustard onto the salmon and then 5g of honey. Cover the salmon with foil.

3)      When the sweet potatoes have been in the oven for 10 minutes, put the salmon in.

4)      While the sweet potato and salmon is in the oven, prepare your spinach. Get 150g of frozen spinach and put into a saucepan and cook over a low to medium heat and stir as the spinach defrosts. When it has completely defrosted and begins to simmer, drain some of the excess water. Add some nutmeg and salt to taste.

5)      After 15mins check that your salmon is cooked through and the sweet potatoes should be tender and slightly crispy at this stage also.

6)      When cooked, remove the salmon and fries from the oven and serve with your spinach.  As a tasty dressing, dip your fries into 20g of Greek yogurt, it’s delicious I promise!

Click to print off this recipe: Salmon And Sweet Potato Fries


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