Deliciously Tasty Banana Pancakes

I love pancakes but there are far too many ‘healthy option’ recipes out there that taste nowhere near as nice as a traditional pancake…until this recipe that is!

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Banana Pancakes Nutritional Information

Calories 320

Carbohydrates  40g

Protein 15 g

Fat 10g

Fibre 3g

Free Sugar 2 tsp (of your recommended 6 tsp, less than 1 tsp if you don’t use honey)

With just 5 ingredients (most of which I bet you’ll already have in your cupboard) these pancakes take 2 minutes to put together and about 5 minutes to cook on the pan!

Let me know what you think…


1 Banana mashed with a fork

20g of porridge oats

1 egg

1/3 of tsp of baking powder

1 small splash of vanilla essence

Toppings; Yoghurt, berries & honey (coconut flakes are another tasty topping)


In a bowl, mash the banana and mix in the oats, baking powder, vanilla essence & the egg.

Melt a tiny amount of oil (I us coconut) in a non stick pan over medium heat.

Pour the mix into 3-4 small pancakes onto the pan, I made them all at the same time on one non stick pan.

Cook for about 2 to 3 minutes each side (when they’re slightly brown and they have set ).

Serve with 100g of natural or Greek style yoghurt, berries & 1 tsp honey


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