Be Persistent and Stay Consistent….How to make long lasting changes to your eating habits and get results! 

5 tips to help you achieve and maintain your fat loss goals….


  • Set Goals; A good place to start is to identify what your main goal is and what time frame you are hoping to achieve this goal in, be realistic…losing 10% body fat in 2 months is a big ask!! Once you have decided on your ‘big goal’ then its time to focus on the smaller targets that need to be achieved to get you there. I recommend setting one weekly target for yourself. For example, If losing 5% body fat in 3 months is your big goal, then you might decide that in your first week you are going to do an exercise class three times a week. The next week, you will continue exercising three times a week but you might add another target such as bringing a healthy lunch from home everyday. Everybody will have different goals and targets but the most important thing is that they are realistic and achievable to each individual.
  • Keep a food diary; I am completely confident that if used properly and written honestly, keeping a diary will help you to stay on track with your eating and identify areas that need addressing. When you have written down what you have eaten in one day, a good idea is to write down a positive, a negative & a focus target for the next day. i.e maybe a negative was that you didn’t drink enough water so the next days goal is to drink a glass before each meal.
  • Plan your weekly shop: Before going to do your big shop, write down your favourite healthy meals and ensure that the fridge has everything you need to make them. If you have a free minute at the weekend, prep your food as much as possible. I am not great at eating my veggies but i find that if I prep and chop them up on Sunday, I am far more likely to bring them to work for lunch.
  • Select & Stick with specific treat foods; Treat foods are the danger zone and reason why so many people fall off the healthy eating wagon. One biscuit with tea can soon turn into a packet of biscuits which can snowball into a full week of poor choices. So, to stop this from happening I always suggest to clients that they select 2 treat foods that they enjoy but that are still relatively healthy (i.e dark chocolate/ homemade popcorn etc.). These treat foods can be incorporated into a weekly eating plan but it is important that portion size and how many times in a week you will be allowing yourself this treat is decided at the beginning of the week. Eating 20g of dark chocolate three times a week is a great way to enjoy your chocolate fix without sabotaging your fat loss goals.
  • Adopt a ‘Bad – Better – Best’ approach to your eating habits. Whatever food choices you make throughout your day, ask yourself this; is what I have chosen the bad, better or best option available to me at this very moment? Then try to decide what the best option you could make right in that moment. The more times you do this, the more determined you will feel. For example if you are out to dinner and you have had a really tasty main course, but everybody with you is getting dessert. You know that you have had enough food but you don’t want to be the only one without something sweet. Your ‘bad option’ is probably ordering any desert, your ‘better option’ could be ordering the dessert that looks the healthiest (fruit salad or asking for 1 scoop of ice cream) and the ‘best option’ would be to have a coffee instead of dessert.

Everyday we are faced with choices and decisions that will affect our fat loss and fitness goals and a quick fix diet will not help us to handle these situations. It may show results on the scales but these results won’t hang around if you have not figured out how to make better choices and stay consistent with your eating habits in the long run.

Finally, it is really important to remember that you will have days where you make poor choices and you will feel disheartened from time to time but it is important not to let these moments deter you from reaching your goals, dust yourself off and keep moving forward…with consistency!

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