Today’s tip for burning a few extra calories!

Drink green tea!

There are numerous studies out there to support Green tea having benefits to your health if you drink it regularly. Green tea has many anti oxidants that can, among other things, speed up your weight loss. Here are a few reasons to give green tea a go!

  1. It shrinks your waistline! Research conducted by The American Institute of Nutrition (2009) suggests that drinking green tea enhances exercise – induced abdominal fat loss. Simply put, drinking green tea and exercising leads to increased fat loss around the stomach area.
  2. It helps speed up your metabolism naturally. Depending on your body weight, height etc, by drinking green tea you could burn up to 70 calories a day by drinking green tea.
  3. It helps to reduce stress. A Unique amino acid in green tea called L-theanine can help reduce stress. Studies conducted by The Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry  found that drinking green tea “caused a feeling of relaxation among the human volunteers examined” without causing drowsiness.
  4. You will most likely reduce your sugar! If you drink regular tea during the day there is a very strong chance that you also take it with sugar and milk. One heaped spoon of sugar contains  25 calories! If you only have one spoon per cup and have 3 cups that’s 75 calories per day or 525 per week or 27300 calories per year! And if all those extra calories are not burned off with exercise that equates to 3.3ks of fat just from drinking sugary tea!
    Work out your average calorie intake from sugary tea and see how many Kgs of fat per year you could potentially be putting on! 
    Spoons of sugar x Cups per day x 25 x 7 x 52 divided by 9 divided by 1000 = kgs of fat per year.
    E.G 2 spoons of sugar per cup, 3 cups of tea per day
    a) 2 x 3 x 25 = 150  (Amount of calories per day)
    b) 150 x 7 = 1050 (amount of calories per week)
    c) 1050 x 52 = 54600 (amount of calories per year)
    d) 54600 divided by 9 = 6066 (g’s of fat per year)
    e) 6066 divided by 1000 = 6.06 (kg’s of fat per year)
    Answer = 6.06kgs of fat per year.

So if your a tea aholic give green tea a go, above are only 4 of the hundreds of reasons why green tea is worth a sip!



Take the stairs!

If you work in a building that has escalators or elevators or even if you are out and about take the stairs.

On average a person weighing 80kgs can burn 35 calories per 3 minutes of walking up stairs! Not only will you be burning extra calories by climbing the stairs, you are also using a wide variety of muscles (glutes, hamstrings, calf muscles and quads to name a few!) which will in turn increase your heart rate leading to greater endurance, stronger bones and muscles!


If you drive to work, park in the space furthest from the door..

Studies suggest you burn 100 calories per kilometer (Walking at 2-3kph) so if you park the car 100mtrs from the door there’s 20 calories you didn’t burn yesterday by walking to and from the car!



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