Pregnancy exercise classes. 5 Week Course


Pregnancy Classes Trim. Navan . Co Meath

Pregnancy Classes Trim . Co Meath


These are 60 minute classes held one day each week strengthen your legs, arms, upper and lower back to help with labour and lifting and carrying car seats etc. We work on your core muscles and posture, making it easier to get strength back in your abdominal’s.

You will truly benefit from this class, making it easier to lose any unwanted weight afterwards. We combine light cardio work with resistance based exercises. All exercises are pregnancy specific and designed to keep you strong throughout your pregnancy.

We also discuss nutrition during pregnancy to help you nourish you and your baby.

This is a 5 week exercise program costing 60 euro.

About Aoife Ryan!?

I am a mum to be who is passionate about all things nutrition and exercise!
In my experience, I have encountered newly pregnant and 2nd and 3rd time mums stopping exercise during pregnancy as they are unsure about what they can or cannot do, this does not have to be the case.
Previous to my pregnancy I was an avid gym goer and enjoyed going for runs with my dogs. Since becoming pregnant none of that has changed! The changes I have had to make is to the intensity of my training, exercise selection in the gym and due to my increasing bump my runs with the dogs have now become longer, fast paced walks!

I hope that by running this class, I can guide other pregnant mum-to-be’s in their exercise so that they can feel great  and know that they are exercising safely during this special time.

If you would like to register and sign up for this class please click here or email to book your place.

*IMPORTANT. A doctors clearance cert must be presented at the first class.

Looking forward to meeting you and training with you along your journey during pregnancy.

Aoife Ryan
MSc Nutrition and Exercise
Qualified Personal Trainer
National Qualifiacation in pre and postnetal exercise

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