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Tasty Rice Recipe

Tasty Rice/ Paella DIsh Brown rice, basmati, dry – 240g Coconut oil – 9g Garlic, raw – 6g Green beans/French beans, raw – 70g Onions, raw – x1 Paprika – 1tsp Peas, frozen, raw – 80g Peppers, bell, green, raw

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Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated

  Many people neglect this basic fundamental requirement of the body and take for granted how important it is to stay hydrated. Hydration is extremely important for normal bodily functions. Any decrease in hydration even by as little as 2%

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Home Made Chili Beef

chili beef

Here’s another delicious recipe to add to your cook book! As per usual this recipe is simple to make using only single ingredient foods and is packed full of good sources of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Recipe makes 4 servings

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Home Made Spicy Chicken Curry

Home Made Chicken curry

Here’s another delicious recipe for you to try! Forget about getting a take away, not only is this MUCH healthier it also tastes heaps better and contains only natural ingredients! Home Made Spicy Chicken Curry Serves: 4 Total Cals per

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Salmon with sweet potato fries and spinach

Salmon with sweet potato fries and spinach

Salmon with sweet potato fries and spinach Serves: 1 Total Cals: 450 Ingredients:   Salmon Darne (average size 130g) Honey 5g Wholegrain mustard 5g Sweet potato 150g Coconut Oil 7g (teaspoon) Spinach 150g Cooking Method: 1)      Peel and cut the sweet

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