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Workout of the week: 10 to 1

Muscle man posing

Give This a go and in the process smash some fat, build your muscular endurance and increase your anaerobic threshold! This is a simple concept but can be very difficult if you pick the right exercises! Pick any two exercises,

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Workout of the week: Warrior


Try this workout the next time you have only a small window to workout. It can be done at home, in the gym or anywhere with a square meter of space! This circuit will hit nearly every muscle in the

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Workout Of the Week: Core Circuit Blaster

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 22, 2009

Regular crunches just don’t cut it so give this workout a go to feel the difference…. This workout will not only hit the abs but will target your core as a whole, hitting lats, obliques,erector spinae and stabiliser’s in the

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Workout Of the Week: Circuit Blaster

Ultimate Conditioning Trim Fat Blast

  Add an extra dimension to your workout routine and give this circuit a go…. Equipment Required: Skipping Rope Warm Up and Flexibility: Toe touch to over head squat: 10 Skipping: 2 min’s. Jumping Jacks: 20 High Knees Sprint: 20 Seconds

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Workout Of the Week: Body Weight Challenge

Body weight exercises

Want to change up your workout??  Try this body weight circuit and challenge your body!   If your bored your body most probably is too and the great results you saw when you began your program have now probably plateaued!

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