Tasty Rice Recipe

Tasty Rice/ Paella DIsh Brown rice, basmati, dry – 240g Coconut oil – 9g Garlic, raw – 6g Green beans/French beans, raw – 70g Onions, raw – x1 Paprika – 1tsp Peas, frozen, raw – 80g Peppers, bell, green, raw

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Autumn Group Sessions

Autumn Group Sessions.Bernard Smyth. Ultimateconditioning Personal training trim

Starting 15th of September. 12 sessions, 6 weeks, achievable goals set in a professional environment. Contact us if you would like to sign up for our 6 week program.   

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Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated

  Many people neglect this basic fundamental requirement of the body and take for granted how important it is to stay hydrated. Hydration is extremely important for normal bodily functions. Any decrease in hydration even by as little as 2%

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Workout of the week: 10 to 1

Muscle man posing

Give This a go and in the process smash some fat, build your muscular endurance and increase your anaerobic threshold! This is a simple concept but can be very difficult if you pick the right exercises! Pick any two exercises,

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Christmas Kick Start

Ultimate Conditioning personal training Navan trim Christmas poster2014

Dont wait until January to make a change….start now and give yourself a kick start!    

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