Adventure Racing

Ready for off!!

We LOVE a bit of adventure racing here at Ultimate Conditioning, in fact i would call it one of our specialties! We are regular racers in the QUEST race series, and loads of independent races all around the country. This year we

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Almond Butter Cookies

IMG_0528 (3)

Almond Butter Cookies Whether it’s chocolate chip, sugar or peanut butter, cookies are deliciously comforting, practically irresistible—and bad news if you are trying to cut down on highly processed and fat filled foods. To help you with this delicious dilemma,

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Date and cashew bites…


……A delicious treat that won’t compromise your healthy eating goals! Ingredients:      170g jar of Cashew nut butter 300g pitted dates 50g coconut oil 1-2 tablespoons of water 120g dark chocolate   Method: Blend the dates, nut butter and

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Pregnancy exercise classes. 5 Week Course

Pregnancy Exercises Trim

  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND SIGN UP! These are 60 minute classes held one day each week strengthen your legs, arms, upper and lower back to help with labour and lifting and carrying car seats etc. We work on

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Deliciously Tasty Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes picture

I love pancakes but there are far too many ‘healthy option’ recipes out there that taste nowhere near as nice as a traditional pancake…until this recipe that is! Banana Pancakes Nutritional Information Calories 320 Carbohydrates  40g Protein 15 g Fat 10g

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