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Healthy Fish Fingers + Chips


Here’s a simple recipe for an old childhood favourite of mine…except its a much healthier one! To cook this with store bought fish fingers and deep fried chips your fat count will go through the roof and thats not even counting the processed carbs

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Rep Ranges Explained


In this article, the difference’s between the principle rep ranges are explained. Outlined below are the characteristics of the 3 main rep ranges used. The 15+ rep range You should be working between 50 and 60% of your 1RM (1

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300 Workout


This very popular workout came to light after the film 300 was released. Gerard Butler used this workout to get into shape for the movie. The principles of this gruelling routine are to complete 300 reps of numerous exercises for time. I.E complete the circuit as

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Healthy Eating Tip


This is such a simple tip but at the same time SO good! You can speed up your weight loss and eat much healthier by just doing this. Eat only foods that have 1 ingredient, I.E Whole foods! So many

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Healthy Chicken Stirfry


Print this recipe: Chicken Stirfry Recipe: 1 Chicken Breast 20g mangetout 1 Red/Green/Yellow Pepper 1 Onion, chopped. Handful of mushrooms 50g brown Rice Coconut oil Table spoon Soy Sauce Method : Cook rice until aldente (Cooked so that the rice still

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